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Sargentini Fires Back at MEP Deutsch: Me Leading the Opposition’s EP-List? Nonsense!

Gábor Sarnyai 2019.01.09.

Hungarian left-wing station Klubrádio interviewed Judith Sargentini, Green MEP from the Netherlands. The politician revealed that she participated in the protest against Orbán’s government in Brussels in an expression of solidarity.

She also said she is pleased with what has been occurring in the country over the last few weeks, referring specifically to December’s protests.

The Dutch politician did not comment on the possible coalition of all the Hungarian opposition parties for the EU election, but said she appreciates their unified thinking and stated that the pursuit of common goals is preventing the rule of law from being eradicated while simultaneously serving to protect democracy.

Sargentini believes that, although her September report has been adopted in the European Parliament, the process has been slowing down and needs to be accelerated by the Council of Europe and the forthcoming Romanian presidency.

She called Fidesz MEP Tamás Deutsch’s Facebook-post in which he mocked the possible joint EP list of the Hungarian opposition parties nonsense. Deutsch claimed that this was billionaire George Soros’ (the main enemy of Hungary according to the government’s communication) plan and that Sargentini should be at the top of the EP’s list of Hungarian “pro-migration forces.”

I’m not going to campaign for Hungary, and I have no slogans against the Hungarian government or the politicians. I see that they assume I am going to run in the elections. I can only say that is nonsense. I am quitting politics; I am not going to run in the Netherlands or in any other country.

Sargentini has become widely known in Hungary for her report claiming that the Hungarian government poses a threat to the rule of law and violates the fundamental values of the EU.

The report was adopted by the European Parliament with a two-thirds majority last September. The report was also voted for by the EPP–of which Fidesz is a member.

Via: KlubRádió

Featured Image: Pablo Garrigos/EP