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Ryanair Closes Budapest Base

Péter Cseresnyés 2019.10.25.

Ryanair will close its base in Budapest in late November, replacing it with one of its Polish subsidiaries, Buzz. The Irish company wants to compete with Wizz Air in which the lower costs can help.

The low-cost Irish airline, however, will not give up its presence in Hungary entirely, and the Polish subsidiary of Ryanair is establishing a new base in Budapest this winter, according to a presentation seen by the Aerotelegraph.

Wizz Air to Launch Budapest Flights to Brussels, Kharkiv, Lviv

The reason is that even industry leader Ryanair has a hard time competing against the ambitious and successful low-cost airline Wizz Air. But Ryanair is optimistic that Buzz proves to be an effective competitor against Wizz Air and the Budapest base could achieve lower costs than the competition.

Buzz has big growth plans in all of Central and Eastern Europe, Ryanair states in the presentation.

A year ago, Ryanair had announced that they would expand their Polish charter subsidiary from 5 to 25 jets, and according to current conceptions, the Irish have plans with Buzz in Poland.

Featured photo via corporate.ryanair.com