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Russia Bans Poultry Import As Bird Flu Pops Up In East Hungary

By Tamás Székely // 2015.03.05.

Russia has imposed a temporary ban on Hungarian poultry products treated at lower temperatures than 70 C, citing recent reports of bird flu in the country. Russia’s ban will impact a few thousand tonnes of mostly duck and goose products, Attila Csorbai, head of the Hungarian poultry product council, said. The virus has not yet been communicated to humans.

The Hungarian food health authority identified the deadly H5N8 virus in samples from a farm in south-eastern Hungary’s Békés county in late February. As a result of this more than 100,000 ducks were slaughtered at a poultry farm in Füzesgyarmat, in east Hungary, where a strain of bird flu was identified last week. The farm’s entire stock was eliminated, Hungary’s chief veterinarian, Lajos Bognár, said.

The H5N8 virus found in Füzesgyarmat could infect humans, Lajos Bognár, who is also a farm ministry deputy state secretary, said. No other cases of the infection have been found in the region, he added. The farm will receive compensation from the Treasury once related legal procedures have been completed, he said. Regardless the Russian ban, a thirty-day ban on poultry shipments from the region remains in force.

via photo: Tibor Rosta – MTI