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The Runway Never Ends – Margaret Island’s Running Track Gets Revamp

Robert Velkey 2016.04.07.

It is springtime, finally. Although the mornings and the evenings are still chilly, the daytime is getting warmer and warmer. The citizens of the capital of Hungary start to conquer the parks, running tracks and outdoor places. Margaret Island is one of the most popular outdoor and athletic center of Budapest. With many opportunities in the downtown surrounded by the River Danube, it is a really calm and beautiful place to go in the sunshine.


The Runway of the Island also called the “Island Round” or “Margaret Round”. The whole track counts 5350 meters in a circle on a brand-new renovated field. On the tartan track, it is healthier to run and it has become safer too. 76 cameras have been installed for video surveillance and 16 emergency call station. On the side of the safety-stops the refresh-stops also can be found on the “Margaret Round”. If you start to run from the clock after about 1400 meters you at the zoo there is a well to get some water. From this stop about 1000 meters far from the start you can find an other fresh water pump at the Árpád Bridge.


The runway of the Margaret Island has been featured among the world’s top ten running You can find ongoing programs any time on the island. The Athletic Center also offers plenty opportunities for sport and recreation.

Music in the earphones and let’s run!