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Run-Down Budapest Firewall Gets Makeover As Mural Symbolising Buda And Pest – Gallery!

By Ferenc Sullivan // 2015.07.15.

A group of Hungarian street artists have covered a once-drab firewall in Budapest’s party district with a stunning mural symbolising Buda and Pest on the two sides of the River Danube.

The four artists – who go by the names Void, Pletyka, Transone and Fork – have given an abstract interpretation of the dichotomy that is between what was two separate cities, and their distinct styles can be identified both individually and as a combined artwork. Pest’s progressive environment stands out in the grafitti-like execution, while Buda represents a more harmonious and tranquil world in terms of both colour and symbols, with the River Danube running in the middle. The artists put a variety of techniques to use, including open-air paints and spraycans, to complete the work.

Almost 1000 litres of paint were applied to the previously insulated surface under the 40-day project.

The “Colorful City” group is Hungary’s first association of artists which colours firewalls and public spaces.The civil-based project has formed itself to be a movement from the very beginning, because colouring up public spaces in a legal way was unknown before 2008, the time we launched the initiative of Colorful City Project. The basic idea is built on Hungarian-born artist Victor Vasarely’s Colorful City concept, published in 1983, which has the bottom line of art setting foot on the streets, public spaces and that people should not only meet with fine art pieces in galleries.

The group claims to have covered 15 000 square metres with artwork so far.

See the mural for yourself at 37-41 Kazinczy utca in District VII, the heart of the capital’s party neighbourhood!