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Ruling Parties To Discuss Introduction Of 9-Year Primary School System

Ferenc Sullivan 2015.02.04.
The possibility of introducing 9-year primary education will be among the topics discussed by the ruling Fidesz-
Christian Democrat party groups on Wednesday, the daily Magyar Nemzet has reported. The paper cited Fidesz group leader Antal Rogán as saying that the government expected the quality of public education to improve.
Vocational training should give real skills to people and the number of drop-outs from universities and colleges should be reduced, he added. Every proposal will be discussed, including one by Zoltán Pokorni about extending the length of primary education by one year, he said. Another subject will be the relationship between vocational training and secondary education.
According to some views, students preparing for higher education should not be mixed with those seeking vocational training, Rogán said. Changes will not be introduced before the 2016 school year and decisions will need to be made by this autumn, he added.
However, no impact assessment or preliminary consultation on the idea has taken place on the idea of introducing a nine-year primary school system, the Democratic Trade Union of Teachers has claimed. Chairman László Mendrey told the state news agency MTI that while various surveys and signals from public education actors and professionals in the area have all made it apparent that urgent change is needed, the experts were not consulted on the initiative.
via hungarymatters.hu and mandiner.hu
photo: magyarhirlap.hu