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Ruling parties call on opposition MEPs to reject Sargentini report

The allied ruling Fidesz and Christian Democratic (KDNP) parties have called on Hungarian opposition MEPs to reject the Sargentini report in the European Parliament this week, a spokesman for KDNP said on Monday.

 “Whether they choose to defend Hungary or not will become clear in the debate and the vote on the report,” Lőrinc Nacsa told a press conference, referring to the report by green MEP Judith Sargentini which he called “yet another attempt by a majority of pro-migrant MEPs acting in alliance with the Soros empire to take revenge on Hungary” for rejecting migrants. Nacsa called it a duty of Hungarian MEPs “to defend Hungary and the Hungarian people”.

MEP Tamas Deutsch, of Fidesz, said that the “pro-migration majority in Brussels” was abusing its powers, “as proven by the absurd legal wrangling” linked to the approval of the Sargentini report. Prime Minister Viktor Orban, he noted, will participate in Tuesday’s debate on the report which “it would be correct to call the Soros report”. “The pro-migration majority in Brussels is trying to create a situation that will unavoidably result in the decision they want so they can have Hungary convicted,” Deutsch told a press conference.

The Sargentini report states “a clear risk of a serious breach by Hungary of the values of the European Union”. An EP debate on the report will be held on Tuesday and a vote is scheduled for Wednesday.

via MTI