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Upcoming Movie Revolves Around Rubik’s Cube

Tamás Vaski 2021.01.06.

The Rubik’s Cube, a combination puzzle which has captivated players for more than 40 years, will now captivate audiences in theatres as well. Ashok Amritraj’s upcoming movie will extend the famous Hungarian invention to an even larger global audience.

Ashok Amritraj, founder of Hyde Park Entertainment, has teamed up with Endeavor Content to produce film revolving around Rubik Ernő’s famous invention. A game show about the Cube is also in the works under Amritraj’s Hyde Park and Glassman Media, reports Deadline. Amritraj stated that he’s had a “personal and nostalgic” connection to the Rubik’s Cube since his early days in India.

The Rubik’s Cube is the world’s top-selling puzzle game at 350 million cubes sold. The task of solving it may seem simple at first, but with over three billion combinations and only one solution, the Cube is much more complex than it appears. It is this complexity which has led to the development of multiple different methods and strategies assisting players with its solution. A competitive scene has also developed around the puzzle, known as “speedcubing”. Speedcubers are those who, in some cases blindfolded or using only one hand, attempt to solve the Cube as fast as possible. The current world record, held by Yusheng Du, is 3.47 seconds, bested only by a robot, which was able to solve the puzzle in only 0.38 seconds.

Ernő Rubik: The Cube Represents Man as a Thinking Being
Ernő Rubik: The Cube Represents Man as a Thinking Being

Without a doubt, Ernő Rubik is one of the most well-known Hungarians of the XXth Century. He hardly ever gives an interview but made an exception for Hungary Today. Ernő Rubik discussed the creation of his most popular invention, the Rubik’s cube, its path to enormous success and its influence. He also revealed what he […]Continue reading

Ernő Rubik, a professor of architecture, invented the cube in 1974. The prototype of Rubik’s cube stemmed from his hobby of building geometric models. Initially, the professor put the model to use as a tool for teaching algebraic group theory. By 1977, however, the cube was being marketed throughout Hungary, and by 1980 throughout the world. today, Rubik is active in the promotion of science in education, involving himself in organizations such as Beyond Rubik’s Cube and the Rubik Learning Initiative.

It is safe to say that many people, especially within the Rubik’s Cube community, will be looking ahead to further updates on Amritraj’s upcoming film.

In the featured photo: Ernő Rubik in 2012. Photo by László Beliczay/MTI