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Romanian MEP: Juncker Confused and Historically Illiterate

Gábor Sarnyai 2018.10.26.

Romanian MEPs from the Hungarian ethnic minority commented on Jean-Claude Juncker’s infamous Romania speech and claimed they don’t believe the commissioner intended to insult Hungarians or any other nation, but that he simply lacks political skill and historical knowledge.

Jean-Claude Juncker’s words about the forthcoming Romanian centenary elicited a public outcry from Hungarians. The Commissioner told the Romanian President Klaus Iohannis that he considers the Romanian national holiday commemorating the unification with Transylvania to also be a European celebration.

Ignorant Juncker Angers Hungarians with Romania Speech

Csaba Sógor– a member of the Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania and a Romanian politician representing the Hungarian minority in the European Parliament –addressed Juncker’s speech in a comment to

The politician raised concerns about Juncker’s political skills: “This isn’t the first time he has proven that not only is he confused by political situations, but he doesn’t know much about historical events either, or at least doesn’t appear to understand them.”

Sógor called attention to the Commissioner’s statements regarding Fidel Castro and his attendance at an event celebrating Carl Marx. Sógor also mentioned the Commissioner’s deficiency relating to Eastern-European issues, highlighting the Western-Balkan integration. The MEP blamed Juncker for “letting Balkan countries fall into Russian and Saudi hands because he declared there was no opportunity for European enlargement.”

Sógor thinks that Juncker was really courting Romanian President Klaus Iohannis and didn’t mean to offend Hungarians. The Hungarian MEP doesn’t appear to have a particularly good opinion of the Romanian President. Despite the fact that Iohannis also has a minority background, Sógor thinks he undermines the implementation of minority rights in Romania.

László Tőkés, Hungarian pastor and politician from Romania.

László Tőkés, another Hungarian MEP from Romania, warned the President that the Hungarian community in Romania could share the same fate as his ethnic group, the Romanian Saxons, did. The group practically disappeared from Transylvania due to the assimilations and anti-minority policies of the Ceaușescu era. Tőkés also urged Iohannis to defend Romania’s minorities in the centenary year of the unification with Transylvania.

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Written: Gábor Sarnyai

Featured Image: Szabadsá Sógor, a Member of the European Parliament (MEP) from Romania