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The Romanian election is important to every Hungarian, Says Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania


Strong representation of the Hungarians in the Romania is a common interest of the community. Therefore, The Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania (RMDSZ) encourages every Hungarian of Transylvanian origin to support the alliance in the upcoming Romanian election, which will be held on December 11th. 

Péter Kovács, the party’s acting president, made this statement when he introduced RMDSZ’s foreign candidate list this week (In the Romanian Senate, two seats are set aside for representatives who are elected by Romanians living abroad).

He highlighted the importance of electoral participation on the part the Transylvanian Hungarians who live outside of Romania. He said that people living abroad should support their homeland, as well as those currently living in Hungarian communities in Romania.

Every Transylvanian Hungarian shares a common interest in Transylvania’s future, even those who involuntarily moved abroad. We have to vote, for the friends and family who stayed in Romania, and for Transylvania, which is worthwhile to live in.

Every Romanian citizen who has permanent resident card can vote in the election. They can participate in the election at Romanian embassies around the world. In addition, Romanian citizens living in Hungary can vote in Budapest at either Romanian embassy or at the Budapest Romanian Cultural Institute, and there will also be polling locations in the cities of Szeged and Gyula. Tourists, or those citizens without a legalized resident card, cannot vote abroad.


Via Erdély Online and MTI

Image via RMDSZ Official Website