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Romanian Court: Békás Gorge No Longer Part of Szeklerland

Hungary Today 2020.06.26.

In its final judgment delivered on Thursday, the Ploiesti Court of Appeals ruled in favor of the Moldovan parties in the border lawsuit between Gyergyószentmiklós (Gheorgheni) and the Moldavian Almásmező (Bicaz Chei) in Szeklerland, which was about the affiliation of the Békás Gorge (Bicaz Gorge), Hungarian news wire MTI reports. According to the decision, the area that is an important tourist destination of Transylvania, is legally no longer part of Szeklerland.

The Romanian court accepted the appeal of Almásmező and the municipality, prefect, and cadastral office of Neamt county, and at the same time found the involvement of the municipality and prefect of Harghita county in the lawsuit to be unfounded and reversed the first-instance verdict that favored the Szeklerland litigants. The verdict closes a nearly ten year long legal proceeding.

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Commenting on the ruling, Csaba Borboly, the chairman of the Harghita County local government, told MTI that they will seek extraordinary redress once they receive the judgment with the reason for it. The chairman complained that the Harghita County Municipality and the Prefect of Harghita County had been excluded from the lawsuit.

He added that Gyergyószentmiklós was less active during the trial and the whole legal procedure was carried out by the lawyers of the Harghita County Council.

“I suspect that the appeal court excluded the Harghita County Council so that our bulletproof evidence did not have to be taken into account when pronouncing the verdict. This is all the stranger because the court did not exclude Neamt County from the lawsuit as well,” the politician said.

He also added that to the best of his knowledge, none of the litigants had requested the exclusion of Harghita County Municipality. Csaba Borboly added that the exclusion of the county council is illegal because several legal acts stipulate that border disputes between settlements near the county borders must be settled with the involvement of the local county governments.

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The official location of the Békás Gorge, which is traditionally a part of Szeklerland and the 700-hectare area around it, became a subject of dispute after Act No. 7, adopted in 1996, required the boundaries of settlements to be recorded in cadastral documents. In 1998, the cadastral offices of the two counties recorded in an official ledger that the area belonged to Almásmező, and this ledger was then also signed by the then deputy mayor of Gyergyószentmiklós.

Later the Szeklerland legal proceedings tried to annul this ledger and reconfigure the county borders.

After several relocations, the lawsuit was heard by the Prahova County Court in 2013, which delivered a favorable verdict for Harghita County last June. The court of first instance designated the county border in a manner favorable to Gyergyószentmiklós and Harghita counties. This judgment was then overturned by a final decision of the Ploiesti Tablet Court.

Featured Photo by Pear Blossom/Wikipedia