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Roma Pride March And Commemoration Of Roma Heroes Of Hungary’s 1956 Was Held In Budapest Last Sunday

Robert Velkey 2016.10.17.

A Roma pride march demanding equal opportunities was held in central Budapest at Saturday on the 16th of October. Almost a thousand people walked on Hungarian Roma minority’s march which was organized for the fourth time in the capital.

Speakers of the program, talked about the importance of joining forces. Activist and main organiser Jenő Setét said everybody must accept that “Roma lives matter, too”.Two doors need to be pushed open” that are “locked up tight from the other side”, and these are the doors to education and to the labour market, he added. He said it is essential that Roma get access to quality education. Roma activist from Romania Marian Mandache criticised the media for showing a negative image of the Roma and boosting prejudice. He argued that when a non-Roma commits a crime, his or her origin is not important but when a Roma commits a crime, the origin is pointed out.

Budapest, 2016. október 15. Résztvevõk vonulnak a roma büszkeség napján a budapesti Üllõi úton 2016. október 15-én. MTI Fotó: Kovács Tamás

At the start of the march, the Roma heroes of Hungary’s 1956 anti-Soviet revolution were remembered at the memorial plaque of Ilona Szabó who was shot dead aged 17 on October 28, 1956. The march was attended by several opposition politicians and when the front of the crowd arrived at Kálvin Square, the end was at Szentkirályi Street. The Hungarian Liberal Party (MLP) called on the government to implement immediate measures to eliminate segregation of Roma schoolchildren in Hungary, a party executive said on Saturday, marking the day of Roma pride. The proportion of Roma children studying in segregated Hungarian schools increased to 20% by 2014 from 15% in 2004, and this endangers the future prospects of Hungarian Roma, Anett Bősz told a press conference.

via: hungarymatters.hu

photos: ujszo.com / MTI;