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Rogán: Juncker Wanted to Expel Fidesz from the EPP

Hungary Today 2018.09.21.

The leaders of European Union member states have sent back for reconsideration the part of the EU’s border control proposal that Hungary objects to, Antal Rogán, the cabinet chief, said.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán arrived at the EU informal summit with the intention of making it clear that Hungary will not cede its right to police its border with its own border guards to Brussels and Frontex, Rogán told MTI by phone from Salzburg.

The cabinet chief also said that Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European Commission, had proposed at a meeting of the European People’s Party (EPP), in Orbán’s absence, that Hungary’ ruling Fidesz party should be frozen out of the grouping. This initiative was rejected, Rogán said.

Manfred Weber and Fidesz in the European Parliament

He said it was “unfortunate” that Juncker had put forward his proposal when Orbán was no longer in the room. Orbán had left to attend a four-minute meeting with Sebastian Kurz, the Austrian Chancellor. This had been a programme known in advance, he added.

Nevertheless, the EPP leaders clearly rejected Juncker’s proposal, Rogán said.

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Meanwhile, Orbán and his delegation also attended the summit of EU member state leaders and told them that Hungary’s border would continue to be protected by Hungarian soldiers and police officers.After a discussion, they set aside the part of the proposal that would have removed powers under national sovereignty, such as the operations of the Hungarian border guard and police, he said.The proposal, however, will be re-scheduled for the formal summit of EU leaders towards the end of the year, Rogán said.

via MTI

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