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Rogán: Children’s Drug Test To Require Parental Consent

Tamás Székely 2014.12.11.

The ruling FIDESZ party wants to introduce mandatory drug tests for teens, politicians and journalists, but the tests will need parental consent in the case of children, Antal Rogán, head of the FIDESZ parliamentary group, said. Children will face no legal consequences if the test is positive, he added. The bill, promulgated by Budapest district 8 mayor Máté Kocsis, was aimed at curbing the drug trade and organised crime.

Antal Rogán said for the test to be inclusive it would have to be done without prior notice. He added that efforts should not be abandoned that the test should detect designer drugs, too. The bill should be ready for parliamentary debate in February or March next year, he said. Rogán insisted the legislation would not be unconstitutional.

Previously daily Magyar Nemzet reported that ruling FIDESZ party would turn to legal and data-protection experts for their views about a proposed law on drug tests for children aged between 12 and 18. Citing the chairman of parliament’s legislative committee Gergely Gulyás (FIDESZ), the newspaper said the proposal contained an “unorthodox solution to an existing problem, whereas in the legal world there was usually an orthodox one”. FIDESZ will turn to the justice ministry and the national data protection authority for their opinions, the paper said.

Opposition party EGYÜTT (Together) said the mandatory drug tests should not be implemented in any form. In a statement, the party said it “rejected a police state, the intimidation of children and adults, and the violation of their rights”. The party said the proposal was “revolting” and Antal Rogán was wrong to say a drug policy should be replaced by an anti-drug policy, because there is a need for both.

via hungarymatters.hu photo: Lajos Soós – MTI