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Right-Wing Ruling Parties Retain Lead In Hungary, Fresh Polls Show


Hungary’s ruling Fidesz-KDNP alliance continues to hold a commanding lead over the opposition parties, according to new polls released by the Századvég Foundation and Medián.


In Századvég’s poll, Fidesz-KDNP increased their lead over the opposition and stood at 33% in the whole sample. Support for Jobbik has continued to decline, with the radical nationalist party falling back to the Socialist Party’s level at 10%. Support for green LMP and the leftist Democratic Coalition (DK) was unchanged with both parties standing at 4%. The opposition Együtt was backed by 1% of respondents, while 4% said they would choose other parties if the general election were held now. The percentage of undecided voters who did not choose any party to support stood at 34%. Fidesz-KDNP also increased their popularity among decided voters, with 49% backing the governing alliance. Jobbik came second with 19%, just ahead of the Socialists who were backed by 18% of respondents. LMP and DK were again even at 5% each. Együtt captured just 1%, which is below the parliamentary threshold. A total of 3% of respondents in this category said they would vote for other parties. The poll was taken between February 1 and 7 by phone with a sample of 1,000 adults.

In the poll conducted by Medián, Fidesz had the backing of 37% across the whole sample. Jobbik came second with 10%, ahead of the Socialists who garnered 8%. The leftist Democratic Coalition (DK) captured 4%, followed by green LMP at 3% and Együtt, which was backed by 2% of respondents. Among decided voters, Fidesz popularity stood at 60%. Jobbik was backed by 13% of respondents while support for the Socialists stood at 10%. DK was the best of the parties with single-digit support among decided voters at 7%, ahead of LMP and Együtt with 3% each. Medián also assessed the popularity of the Momentum Movement, the civil organisation spearheading an initiative to collect signatures demanding a referendum on Hungary dropping its bid to host the Olympic Games in Budapest in 2024. The NGO was backed by 1% of respondents in the whole sample and by 2% of decided voters.

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