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Residency Bonds And Constitutional Amendment: Fidesz Refuses To Give In To Blackmail By Jobbik

By Tamás Székely // 2016.11.07.

It is “not reasonable” to hold a vote on the abolition of the residency bond scheme ahead of the vote on the constitutional amendment tomorrow, therefore Fidesz has rejected a Jobbik’s proposal made for this purpose, Fidesz group leader Lajós Kósa said after the meeting of the Hungarian Parliament’s House Committee on Monday. “The issue of the residency bond is unimportant in comparison to the constitutional amendment”, Kósa insisted.

In mid-October, Jobbik chairman Gábor Vona announced that his group will support the planned constitutional amendment initiated by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán only if it goes against all forms of migration, including the controversial residency bond scheme. Previously, Jobbik had said it would support a constitutional ban on mass migration to Hungary, however, Vona later made a precondition, knowing that ruling parties Fidesz and KDNP do not have two-thirds majority in Parliament.

The Hungarian Parliament will vote on the seventh amendment of the constitution on Tuesday, with a view to preventing the European Union from the “forced settlement” of migrants in Hungary without a limit. The conservative ruling party said several times that it considered the constitutional amendment a “‘national issue that should not be affected by party interests”, while the radical nationalist opposition party insists that “neither poor terrorists, nor rich terrorists” should be allowed to move to Hungary.

via MTI