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Republican Congressman Steve King Compares Orbán to Winston Churchill


Last week, US Congressional Representative Steve King sent out a tweet in which he compared Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán to Winston Churchill, the man who led Great Britain through World War II.

You can read the tweet in its entirety below:


King, a Republican whose congressional district is located in Iowa, is no stranger to controversy. An early supporter of Donald Trump, King has, over the course of his time in office, denied the importance of global warming, railed against LGBT rights and same-sex marriage, and advocated for racial profiling in law enforcement.

In addition, Iowa newspaper the Des Moines Register reported last year that the Congressman displays a Confederate flag in his office, despite the fact that Iowa was never part of the Confederacy, and in fact fought on the side of the Union in the Civil War.

Internationally, Rep. King has made a name for himself through his vocal support of far-right European politicians. In fact, King has met with both the Dutch Geert Wilders, as well as with France’s Marine Le Pen (both of whom suffered electoral defeats this year). King’s meeting with Le Pen last year, which was commemorated in a photo tweeted by the French politician, was her “first public encounter with a US elected official,” Politico reports.

Nor was King’s recent “Churchill” tweet his only one about Viktor Orbán; this past April, he praised Orbán for fighting against the “Marxist billionaire [George] Soros”. This was a reference to the Hungarian government’s highly controversial “Lex CEU” legislation, which critics say is aimed at forcing the Central European University, which was founded by Soros, and which routinely ranked as one of the best universities in Hungary, out of the country.

The “Lex CEU” legislation has been opposed and condemned by, among others, Trump’s own State Department and the US Embassy in Budapest.

Representative King’s involvement with matters related to Hungary is not limited to tweeting, however. King is a member of the bipartisan Hungarian Caucus, which

provides a strong voice for Hungarian-American issues in Congress and seeks to promote constructive dialogue between Hungary and the 1.5 million Hungarian Americans in the US.

In February, King reportedly met with Connie Mack, the former Florida Congressman who currently serves as Orbán’s lobbyist in the United States.

In addition, at the opening of the new Hungarian embassy in DC this March, King expressed his view that, following the election of Donald Trump, “he foresees a new chapter of improved relations between Hungary and the United States.” Speaking on behalf of the Hungarian-American Congressional Caucus, he also recounted several recent visits to Hungary and emphasized the importance of maintaining close relations within the transatlantic and NATO community.

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