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Renovation of Metro Line 3: Upheaval on Üllői Street Begins

Csenge Schőnviszky 2020.06.26.

One of the most significant transport investments in the capital is the reconstruction of the M3 metro line, which carries about 500,000 passengers a day. The work will take place in several phases and over several years, affecting the daily travel habits of hundreds of thousands of passengers.

The metro reconstruction has been planned to run from early November 2017 until the end of 2022. First, the northern section of the metro line was renovated between Újpest Center and Lehel Square. In the second phase of the works, the southern section between Nagyvárad Square and Kőbánya-Kispest is currently under reconstruction, with trains running between Újpest Center and Nagyvárad Square.

Road constriction, periodic lane closures, and traffic diversions are expected on Üllői Street between June 29th and July 10th between Nagyvárad Square and Kálvin Square, the BKK forecasts.

The modernization works will start on July 11th at the Corvin district and Semmelweis Klinika metro stations on metro line 3. The trains will pass through the two stations without stopping, the BKK announced.

M3 Metro Line Renovation: Plans for Station Redesigns Revealed

In addition to traffic restrictions, the infrastructure required for replacement buses will be built in several sections and locations at the same time. The new road traffic regulations will take effect on July 10th, and traffic changes affecting the traveling public will take effect on July 13th.

Parking will not be allowed in both directions on the section between Szentkirályi Street, Üllői Street, and Baross Street as of July 8th from 6:00 am – expected until November.

These will be the main phases:

  • Establishment of a pedestrian crossing at the junction of Üllői Street and Szentkirályi Street betwee June 29th and July 10th. In road traffic, a common lane can be used for those going straight to Kálvin Square and turning right from Üllői Street to Szentkirályi Street. On the first 25 meters of Szentkirályi Street, parking will not be allowed in either direction.
  • Between July 6-8, a new temporary traffic light crossing will also be built at the intersection of Üllői Street and Szentkirályi Street. One lane in each direction is closed.

  • On July 6th, a container installation in front of 102 Üllői Street. In the direction of the city center, on the service road, and in the inner lane, periodic closures are expected.

  • On the 8th of July, from 6:00 am, pavement repair on the section between Szentkirályi Street, Üllői Street – Baross Street. Parking will be eliminated in both directions. Collection for target traffic only.

  • On the 8th of July, from 8 pm, a bus lane will be established in the section between Szentkirályi Street, Üllői Street, and Baross Street, and the traffic order will change. One-way traffic from Üllői Street to Baross Street will continue to apply to public traffic. The replacement buses run from the direction of Baross Street to Üllői Street, as usual.
  • From July 6-10, traffic engineering elements will be installed between Kálvin Square and Nagyvárad Square. Moving diversions are to be expected on Üllői Street, between Könyves Kálmán Boulevard and Kálvin Square, in both directions in the outer and middle lanes. Half-track diversion is expected in Baross Street, between Szabó Ervin Square – Szentkirályi Street.

The reconstruction of the M3 metro line will run until the end of 2022.

Featured photo illustartion by Zoltán Máthé/MTI