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Renovation of Blaha Lujza Square to Start this Summer

Dorottya Zalay 2021.06.10.

Renovation work at Blaha Lujza Square, one of the busiest junctions in the city center, will begin this summer, according to the Budapest Transport Center (BKK).

On Monday, the BKK announced that they had signed an agreement with the construction company STR Mély- és Magasépítő Kft. For the renovation, tactile guide strips, and up-to-date public utilities will be installed, but the project also includes the renovation of the upper insulation of the underpass, and the surface of the roads and pavements as well. The aim of the investment is to create a public square which will simultaneously function as a junction and a meeting-point, while providing all users of the square, including those in transit, with a pleasant, green space.

The contractor, STR Mély- és Magasépítő Kft,. is expected to take over the area in the beginning of July. BKK will give regular updates regarding the start of the works and any changes in terms of public transportation.

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The project is financed by the Council of Budapest and the Hungarian Government with a gross sum of 3.47 billion forints (EUR 9.9 million). The amount provided by the government, 1 billion forints, has to be used by the end of 2021, so partial handovers can be expected in December. The renovation will be completed within 1.5 years, the BKK added.

Featured photo illustration via BKK’s Facebook page