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Rembrandt Exhibition in Budapest


Twenty pieces by Rembrandt including his earliest known painting and one of his last self-portraits and three paintings by Vermeer are the highlight of an exhibition that will open in Budapest on Friday. The large-scale exhibition entitled Rembrandt and the Dutch Golden Age presents 178 works by over 100 painters and it is the first such comprehensive exhibition showing Dutch art from the 1600s in Hungary, László Baán, the museum’s director, told a press conference on Wednesday.

The central section is devoted to Rembrandt and presents his earliest painting, the Spectacles Sellers from 1623 which is on loan from Leiden, Rembrandt’s home town. One section shows three significant paintings by Jan Vermeer from the artist’s oeuvre of only 38 pieces. The Astronomer from the Louvre, the Geographer from Frankfurt and the Allegory of the Catholic Faith from the Metropolitan Museum of New York are also included.

The other sections feature paintings by Jan Steen, Dirck Hals, Willem Kalf, Hendrick Vroom, Judith Leyster and Willem Buytewech, amongst others. The exhibition is composed of the most outstanding pieces of the Budapest museum’s Dutch collection, complemented by more than 130 paintings from 50 European and American public and private collections.

The paintings on loan have been insured for one billion euros, Baán said. The Rembrandt and the Dutch Golden Age exhibition will formally open on October 31 and run until February 15.

via HungaryMatters