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“Refugee Tripping” Camerawoman Petra László Faces Disorderly Conduct Charges

By Ferenc Sullivan // 2016.09.07.

Prosecutors in Hungary have filed disorderly conduct charges against a camerawoman who shocked the world when she was caught on film apprearing to trip a Syrian migrant on Hungary’s southern border a year ago.

Petra László was fired form her job at N1TV, an Internet-based TV station run by the opposition radical nationalist Jobbik party, after video footage spread online appearing to show her kicking a girl and a young man.

The prosecutors, who will seek a disorderly conduct conviction, said: “While filming she kicked a young man in the shin with a swift kick of the sole of her right foot, and also kicked young girl around the knee with her right foot.”

A second video of her appearing to trip a father carrying his crying son has been dismissed, with prosecutors saying she aimed a kick at the pair but it did not land.

Petra László has been cleared of deliberately tripping over the Syrian migrant featured in this widely-circulated video after prosecutors established her kick failed to land

Ms. László was directly behind the police officers and filmed migrants as they ran from law enforcement officers near the border station of Röszke. While the camerawoman’s conduct was “capable” of sparking indignation and outrage among those present at the incident, there was no evidence of a racially motivated hate crime, prosecutors said.

The incident, which was widely covered  by the international press despite causing no injury, took place in the early afternnon 8 September 2015, when the Ms. László and a colleague were filming a group of around 1300 illegal immigrants congregating at the Röszke reception point.

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