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Reduced Air Traffic Empties Budapest Airport – Video!

Fanni Kaszás 2020.04.28.

The nearly-empty Liszt Ferenc International Airport was presented this week in the video series of the Aviation Cultural Center, Aeropark Budapest. It may never have looked as empty as now, without the 40,000 passengers a day: closed check-in counters, empty passenger safety corridors and quiet, deserted parts of the building, planes parked in the foreground for weeks, and on the other hand, peaking cargo traffic. The daily number of passengers at the airport has fallen by around 99.3% due to the coronavirus outbreak, which has practically grinded air travel to a halt.

According to a statement of the operator of Budapest airport, the average daily number of takeoffs and landings has fallen from 320 to 35, most of them freight flights. The average daily passenger number in April 2020 has reached 275 so far, down from a 44,000 daily average in April 2019.

Budapest Airport used this traffic-free period to complete some renovation works and brought others to the foreground to take advantage of the lower number of passengers.

However, although the coronavirus epidemic is still in full-swing, the expected peak in Hungary is May 3rd, and travel restrictions are in place, but according to some sources, low-cost airline Wizz Air will resume flights from several airports on May 1st.

Coronavirus: Wizz Air to Restart 16 Flights from Budapest in May

The airline said, as suggested earlier, the restart is planned with the center seats kept empty, daily disinfection, mandatory face masks and gloves for the staff, and a disinfectant distributed onboard in order to prevent the spread of the disease.

This is still only 10% of the airline’s fleet, but if the government will ease travel restrictions in May and June, the company can put up to 30% of their capacity into operation, so Budapest Airport may be filled with passengers and life again soon.

featured photo: Tamás Kovács/MTI