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Red Bull Air Race to Be Held in Zamárdi

MTI-Hungary Today 2019.03.01.

This year’s Red Bull Air Race will be held in July in Zamárdi, with the race taking place over Lake Balaton, organisers said on Friday.

Budapest mayor István Tarlós recently said the capital would not issue a permit for the Red Bull Air Race, planned for July 12-14 of this year, because of “inadequate conditions”, prompting a search by local organiser Hungaroring.

Zamárdi mayor Gyula Csákovics said earlier that visitors could watch the race from Zamárdi’s 3km-long beach, while pilots could use nearby airports in Sármellék, Siófok or Szentkirályszabadja.

The city of Keszthely, on the south-west shore of Lake Balaton, had also vied for holding the race, partnering with the neighbouring spa town of Hévíz.

Featured Image: Red Bull