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6th ReConnect Hungary Trip Coming Back to Budapest!

Tom Szigeti 2017.06.07.

Beginning on June 18th, Budapest will once again play host to ReConnect Hungary, a birthright-trip for Americans and Canadians with Hungarian ancestry. The participants will be in Hungary until July 3rd.

The trip, according to its own website, unique cultural, educational and social immersion program for young adults aged 18-28 of Hungarian heritage, born in the U.S. or Canada.”

Organized annually since 2012, ReConnect Hungary introduces the Central European country to participants with a wide range of knowledge about Hungary: while some actually speak the language, and are active in their local Hungarian communities, others know relatively little about the country, and are interested in learning more about their heritage.

To this end, the ReConnect Hungary program takes participants all over Hungary, and to neighboring countries where Hungarian minorities live. In addition to seeing all of the wonderful and impressive sights Budapest and Hungary have to offer, participants are also afforded opportunities to meet with important political, cultural, and educational figures, and to learn more about some of the most pressing and controversial issues facing Hungary today. And in a similar vein, those who take part in the ReConnect program meet young, up-and-coming Hungarians involved in arts, fashion, science, and start-ups, who share with participants their visions of the future, and who provide a glimpse into the country’s future potential.

Organized by the New York-based Hungarian Human Rights Foundation, the program is supported by former Governor of the State of New York George Pataki, who himself is of Hungarian ancestry. In fact, Pataki’s son was a participant in ReConnect Hungary 2015.

This year, 25 young Canadians and Americans, aged 18-28, will be participating in the 6th annual ReConnect trip.

Be sure to check back regularly with Hungary Today for our ongoing coverage of this year’s exciting trip!

Via reconnecthungary.org

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