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Rebuilding the Castle Of Zádorvár Stone by Stone

Robert Velkey 2017.10.27.

According to a report by, tourists visiting a 14th century castle in Hungary are being asked to contribute to the restoration of the fortification’s walls by moving five stones each during their time there. 

The fortress, located on a 363-metre hill hill near Lake Balaton in northern Hungary, is popular with visitors.

A group of volunteers is working to restore the ancient fort to its original condition, but the sheer volume of work proved to be too much for them.

In a novel solution to their problem, the volunteers posted a sign inviting tourists to participate in their work, using a phrase from the popular children’s song “From one hill to another.”

“Dear visitors, we want to ask for some help! In our work “from one hill to another”, we would ask you to help by bringing five rocks from this pile to the other one. While it’s only a few minutes of work for you, it’s a big help to us.”