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Re-Elected Győr Mayor Borkai Announces Resignation due to Scandal

Hungary Today 2019.11.06.

Zsolt Borkai, the recently re-elected mayor of Győr, in northwest Hungary, who was linked to a sex scandal, has announced that he will resign “in view of the moral situation” after the first meeting of the city’s assembly on Friday.

In an open letter, the politician wrote that despite receiving constant accusations after the scandal, he had not yet resigned, because he wanted the city to have a capable mayor, who was elected by the citizens of Győr. Borkai adds that he does not want to hinder the development of the city with his presence and what has happened. He loves Győr, so decided to resign as mayor.

The politician emphasized in the letter that he:

drew the consequences and takes responsibility,”

adding that he wanted someone to take over the chair of the mayor who “deserves to run our beloved city” in the future.

Before the municipal elections, unknown person(s) – calling themself(ves) the „devil’s advocate” – posted photos and video footages on the Internet showing Zsolt Borkai in the company of several people in a sex orgy on a yacht. They also wrote that Borkai took drugs and accused him of corruption, but without publishing proof.

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The politician ran for office with the support of the government parties in the local government elections and was re-elected by a narrow margin.

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However, he quit Fidesz a few days after the election.

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In an open letter addressing the citizens of Győr, the mayor wrote that he knew and hoped that it would soon become clear to everyone that „with one exception, the slanders are only a collection of malicious information published on a fake blog which the press took over without fact-checking.”

Borkai added that many people treat the information appearing on online platforms and social media as facts, without questioning whether they are true, thus “unwittingly serving the means of those perpetrating smear campaigns hiding in the background.”

The letter also states that

today I am the target, tomorrow it will be someone else, as long as no one limits the spread of false news or malicious assumptions presented as facts. Don’t think that this is the revenge of one person… In my opinion, this was a carefully planned, professionally prepared trap that was expected to bring significant political or material benefits.”

According to Zsolt Borkai, “every lie was built on an action I really committed – which mainly offended my family – to make them believable.”

He said he was not proud of what he had done, and he had to apologize to anyone who was disappointed in him. “I have been punished many times for it – but all other defamation is groundless slander,” he added.

“I’m a sportsman, I have never used drugs and I am not corrupt either. I went on that trip at my own expense, I had the cover for it, I didn’t steal or cheat,” he said, adding that not only he, but his family have also become targets recently, which is why he does not want to expose them in the future.

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Borkai closed his letter by thanking the citizens of Győr for their support over the past 13 years, as well as his representatives and colleagues for supporting the development of the city.

In the featured photo: Zsolt Borkai. Photo by Csaba Krizsán/MTI