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Rákóczi Association: 6,500 Students Traveling Around Carpathian Basin on National Day of Unity

Hungary Today 2018.06.04.

On the National Day of Unity on the 4th of June, about 6500 students from 150 secondary schools in the Carpathian Basin can travel with at least one border crossing to another Hungarian school, in the framework of the Student Learning Program of the Rákóczi Association.

The National Day of Unity (or Cohesion), which you can read more about below, is a holiday created to commemorate the 1920 Treaty of Trianon, which followed Austria-Hungary‘s defeat and collapse in the First World War. Under the treaty, two-thirds of Hungary’s territory was ceded to neighboring countries.

Hungary Commemorates National Day of Cohesion on the Anniversary of the Treaty of Trianon

According to the Association’s announcement to wire service MTI on Friday, the program was announced for which any secondary school in the Carpathian Basin could submit their application bid to participate. The application requirement was that on June 4, when visiting the Carpathian Basin, crossing at least one border, that they would to visit another Hungarian school of another country, where joint programs would be held.

Of the 128 successful schools, 74 were from Hungary, 19 from Romania (Transylvania and Partium, 21 from Upper Hungary (now part of Slovakia), 11 from Délvidék (now part of Serbia) and 3 from Transcarpathia (in Ukraine). Students are not only traveling to and from Hungary, but in multiple cases, schools from outside Hungary are exploring what other ethnic Hungarian regions have to offer.

There are more than 800 young Hungarians from the Carpathian Basin and the Hungarian diaspora have also traveled to memorial celebrations in Budapest, Várpalota and Oroszlány.




Image via Rákóczi Szövetség Facebook Page