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‘Racemachine’ Ferenc Szőnyi Wins Decaman in New Orleans

Ábrahám Vass 2018.11.16.

Hungarian world champion ultra-triathlete Ferenc Szőnyi once again took first place in the Decaman race in New Orleans. The 54-year old athlete from Komárom needed just a little more than 222 hours to complete the event. 

The Deca Ironman competition consists of 38 kilometers of swimming, 1800 kilometers of cycling and 422 kilometers of running. In total, 16 competitors started the race, but six dropped out before the running section. Naturally, the weather had its say as well: organizers had to suspend the event for 30 mins due to a storm.

Szőnyi’s “waterproof” clothing. Image via Szőnyi Ferenc Versenynapló- Facebook.

Szőnyi, also known by other ultra-triathletes as the ‘Racemachine,’ only started to compete in ultra-triathlons after the age of 40, and only learned to swim a week before his first race. He was the fifth person and the first Hungarian ever to win a Double Deca Ironman and has also won multiple Deca Ironmans, breaking world records. Last year, he was the only runner to finish the famed Hell Race—a 480 km long running festival organized in the Himalayas. In addition, this year, Szőnyi was presented with the Knight of Cross from the Order of Merit of Hungary.

You can follow his adventures on his Facebook page.

featured image via Ferenc Szőnyi- Facebook