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Puskás, the Musical: Hungary’s Newest Cultural Production

Hungary Today 2020.08.16.

Puskás, the Musical, the play written about the most famous Hungarian football player, directed by Vajk Szente, is set to “pre-premier” on the 20th of August.

‘The piece is a deep psychological analysis of a boy who became the best football player in the world,’ – said Szente Vajk during the Press Conference held on Monday.

The musical begins in 1937 when Öcsi Puskás signed to Kispest at the age of 10, and finishes in 1960 when he scored four goals while playing for Real Madrid.

The producer, László Szabó, talked about how they planned to perform the play originally at Hősök tere, which cannot happen due to the current climate, which is why the Erkel Theater will hold the first performance and it is called a “pre-premier,” instead of a normal premier. He also mentioned the importance of the date: ‘Puskás played his first match on the national team on August 20, 1945, where he even scored a goal. That’s why we are holding the premier exactly 75 years later, in 2020 between 15 and 19 o’clock.

Image by Tamás Kovács/MTI

The main actors in the cast are as follows:

  • Puskás Ferenc: Tamás Veréb
  • Czibor Zoltán: Márk Ember
  • Zakariás József: Ádám Pásztor
  • Bozsik József: Tibor Fehér
  • Grosics Gyula: Nándor Berettyán
  • Kocsis Sándor: Dávid Péter Cseh
  • Lantos Mihály: Rihárd Kovács
  • Hidegkuti Nándor: Dániel Solner
  • Budai László: Péter Kovács
  • Lóránt Gyula: Zoltán Illés
  • Buzánszky Jenő: Dávid Baranya

Featured image by Tamás Kovács/MTI

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