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Amid Growing Expenses, Reconstruction of Budapest’s Puskás Ferenc Stadium Underway, Set to Host 2020 EuroCup Matches

Fanni Kaszás 2017.11.28.

One of the 13 venues of the 2020 European Football Championship will be Puskás Ferenc Stadium, which is currently being rebuilt, and is expected to be completed in 2019.  The stadium will host group matches and an eighth final.

Puskás Ferenc Stadium, formerly known as the Népstadion (“People’s Stadium”), opened in 1953 and was completely demolished in March 2016, when reconstruction works started. For a while, it seemed that nothing happens, but some of the elements of the new stadium are now appeared on the site.

photo: 24.hu / Berecz Valter

According to plans, the new, 67,000-seat Puskás Stadium will be built at a cost of 190 (net 142.85) billion forints (EUR 459 million). If everything goes well, it will re-open on 25 November 2019, on the Day of the Hungarian Football.

As we have previously reported, costs for the new stadium have progressively gone up over time.  In 2011 the construction was budgeted for 35 billion forints (around $200 million USD); that rose to 60-80 billion (roughly $400 million) in 2013 and to 110 billion forint ($375 million) in 2015.

photo: 24.hu / Berecz Valter

Balázs Fürjes, Government Commissioner for Major Budapest Developments, has recently said that the stadium will definitely be ready in time for the European Championships.

Each of the six matches in one group, an eighth final and quarter-finals, will be held in the same two partner cities. The hosts are expected to be distributed geographically before the draw. Munich, for example, is expecting to be paired up with Budapest or Copenhagen.

photo: 24.hu / Berecz Valter

At the 2020 European Championships, besides Budapest, 12 cities from 12 countries will host the matches: Amsterdam, Baku, Bilbao, Brussels, Bucharest, Dublin, Glasgow, Copenhagen, London, Munich, Rome and St. Petersburg.

via 24.hu