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Public Prosecutor Proposes Suspending Immunity of DK’s László Varju

MTI-Hungary Today 2019.10.04.

Public Prosecutor Péter Polt on Friday proposed that the immunity of László Varju, a lawmaker of the opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) party, be suspended pending an inquiry into crimes against the order of the elections.

According to the charges, Varju met an independent candidate ahead of the 2018 general election and offered him money in exchange for stepping down as a candidate and endorsing him, the prosecutor’s office said in a statement. The independent candidate is said to have refused the offer.

If proven, the Varju’s actions might constitute election fraud, the prosecutor’s office said. Varju’s immunity has to be suspended before an investigation.

Earlier, pro-Fidesz website PestiSrácok wrote that ahead of the 2018 parliamentary elections, DK “tried to bribe and then threaten” then Socialist Imre Horváth.

In response to a question at a press conference held by DK spokesman Balázs Barkóczi on a different subject, he said the party would support Varju to the hilt. He said he had not heard the audio recording that would be used as evidence against Varju, but, he added, he was certain that it was part of a smear campaign similar to recent campaigns against Budapest opposition mayoral candidate Gergely Karácsony and 11th district mayoral candidate Imre László.

In the featured photo: DK MP László Varju (in the middle). Photo by Szilárd Koszticsák/MTI