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Public Media’s New All-News TV Channel Launched

Ferenc Sullivan 2015.03.16.

The Media Service Support and Asset Management Fund (MTVA) launched M1, its new all-news national television channel, yesterday.

Speaking on the new channel’s morning programme on Sunday, MTVA CEO László Zsolt Szabó compared the launch of the new structure to a “regime change”. “We can confidently state that with regard to public media, a long-awaited regime change – not in the political sense – has taken place with this reorganisation”, he said, referring to the complete overhaul of the structure of channels to better fit viewers’ demands.

He said that the creation of an all-news channel has been on the agenda for a long time and is necessary because continuous news broadcasting is one of the most important tasks of public media, pointing out that BBC, as well as German, Czech and Polish public television all have channels dedicated exclusively to news programmes.

In connection with public television’s new sports channel M4, which is to be launched on 5 July, Mr. Szabó said that the channel, which will air Formula -1 races and Champions League football matches in addition to domestic sports events, does not intend to compete with commercial broadcasters.

The new programme structure is expected to reach out better to young people, Mónika Karas, head of the National Media and Infocommunications Authority (NMHH) said, adding that the reorganised Duna TV is intended to be a venue for the introduction of films produced with support from the Hungarian Media Patronage. Petőfi TV, also launched on Sunday, is expected to be a visual equivalent of the successful public radio station of the same name, appealing to young audiences by airing alternative music and supporting young Hungarian talents.

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