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Judicial System Change: Public Admin Courts to Be Set Up by 2020

Hungary Today 2018.09.21.

The justice ministry plans to set up public administration courts, a new structure within the judicial system to deal with legal disputes in public administration, by January 2020, Justice Minister László Trócsányi said.

The ministry will submit the draft legislation to parliament this year, he said.

The government plans to set up eight regional public administration courts, supervised by a new Supreme Administrative Court, Trócsányi said.

The bodies of judicial self-governance will have a key role in appointing judges and administrative judges will be required to have an expertise in public administration, he said.

The “dilemmas regarding administrative courts” include defining the role of the justice minister in the courts’ management while preserving judicial independence and the separation of the branches of power, Trócsányi said.

It remains to be decided whether the minister’s role should be restricted to the budget and general staffing issues or whether he should also have a role in appointing judges, too,”

Trócsányi said.

Speaking at a conference at the Andrássy Gyula University in Budapest, Trócsányi said the government had decided to set up public administrative courts to raise the “level of professional quality” in such procedures. The system will also ensure more effective control over decision making in public institutions, he said.

Trócsányi said judicial independence is a “sensitive issue”, and legislative work will have to consider many viewpoints. The conference offers an opportunity to discuss the process with foreign contributors, he said.

via MTI

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