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Psychedelic Strawberry? Hungarian Director Releases Animated Music Video for Children’s Rock Song

Fanni Kaszás 2018.05.14.

Award-winning Hungarian animation director Péter Vácz just released his new short animation, a music video for the now-disbanded child rock band Szagos Hörigekkók (Smelly Hamstergeckos) and their song ‘Strawberry’.

I make animated films because I like magic.

Now, Péter Vácz is making magic happen for the Szagos Hörigekkók (Smelly Hamstergeckos), a former Hungarian children rock band, established in in 2012 by Márk Csernovszky, a 14  year-old boy and his 10-year-old sister, Fanni. Their songs and lyrics are as intuitive and powerful as the best children’s drawings, and Péter Vácz created a psychedelic music video to match the fun mentality of the band and their song ‘Strawberry’, using colored crayon drawings. The music video present both the band’s members and the song’s hero, a strawberry.

Sketches for the music video

Eper – Strawberry

A strawberry breaks my heart
as he lies in his green bed
hiding away from me.
He doesn’t want me,
he doesn’t want my bite,
he who’s a strawberry.

I’d like to reach him
but I can’t.

You can watch the music video by Péter Vácz here:

Péter Vácz is an award-winning animation director from Budapest. He graduated from Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design with his film ‘Rabbit and Deer’ (2013) which won over 125 festival awards in more than 60 countries. His debut live-action short film ‘Pillowface’ (2018) won a Special Mention at the Friss Hús International Short Film Festival in Budapest this April.

Vácz’s new animated short film project, ‘Noah’s Tree’ was pitched at the Visegrád Animation Forum, where the 10-minute long extract received a Special mention from the jury. The 25-minute-long Christmas puppet animation’s premier is scheduled for Christmas 2019. And since it won the jury’s special prize, Noah’s Tree can compete in the next international Cartoon Forum this September. The protagonist of the film is the 13-year-old Noah, who finds out at Christmas that the only way to get rid of the tree growing from his chest is to learn how to express his feelings about his parents’ divorce.

The Szagos Hörigekkók: Fanni and Márk Csernovszky

Besides ‘Strawberry’, Vácz has already created two award winning music videos with the London based Picasso Pictures production company, ‘All I’m Saying’ (2014) and ‘Dear John’ (2016), for the famous British rock band James.

via Péter Vácz – animation director, dotandline.blog.hu

images via Péter Vácz


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