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Protestant Bishops Send Easter Messages: ‘Even though we are separated by trouble now, nothing separates us from Christ’

MTI-Hungary Today 2020.04.12.

“Even though we are separated by trouble now, nothing separates us from Christ”, Bishop István Bogárdi Szabó, president of the Hungarian Reformed Church’s synod, said in his Easter Sunday message.

“The power of the risen Christ fills heaven and earth and reaches those disciples as well who have locked themselves in at home,” the bishop said, speaking at a ceremonial service held in a family circle in the Reformed Church of Budahegyvidék, with no congregation attending because of the epidemic.

Bishop Tamás Fabiny, the head of the Lutheran Church in Hungary, said “the whole created world is suffering now, struggling with ulcers and plagues, having pains and, of course, sins”. “The world is sick”, he said, adding that he does not only mean the victims of coronavirus but also those of the many diseases of civilisation that “manifest themselves in concentration”. It has been revealed that there are limits to development, “it has turned out that we are vulnerable”, he added.

The service was recorded in the Lutheran Church of Buda Castle District and published on the Church’s YouTube channel due to the coronavirus outbreak.

In the featured photo: Bishop Tamás Fabiny (on the left). Photo by Zsolt Szigetváry/MTI