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Protest against New Parliamentary Rules ‘in Violation of MPs’ Rights’

MTI-Hungary Today 2019.12.18.

The opposition Párbeszéd party organised a demonstration in Budapest on Tuesday to protest against legislation that they say violates the rights of MPs.

Stricter Fines against MPs Violating House Rules

At the demonstration held in Kossuth Square in front of Parliament, actors, artists, climate activists and students demanded “respect for democratic norms”. Speakers at the event insisted that Hungary had become a “dictatorship” due to “legislation that constricts the rights of MPs”.

Governing Parties Pass Stricter Regulations for Forming Parliamentary Groups

Last Tuesday, parliament passed an amendment that includes sanctions against lawmakers who break House Rules. Also, government party lawmakers initiated a change to the rules that make it impossible for lawmakers to switch to a different party group or for independent MPs to join one.