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Prosecutors Raise Terrorism Charges against Alleged Islamic State Member

MTI-Hungary Today 2019.09.03.

Hungarian prosecutors on Tuesday said they have raised charges against a Syrian national alleged to have been a member of the Islamic State terrorist organisation with carrying out acts of terrorism and crimes against humanity.

The 27-year-old man, Hassan F, is alleged to have commanded an armed group of the Islamic State and was arrested in Hungary in March this year, Tibor Ibolya told MTI. According to the indictment, the man was involved in multiple executions in his homeland in 2015.

Hassan F. is suspected of having ordered the occupation of Al-Sukhnah in the Syrian province of Homs and drawing up a “death list” of those who rejected Islamic State’s goals. The executions included the public beheading of the local imam and at least 25 people including women and children in the town. Hassan F. is also suspected of having personally participated in the execution of the imam and at least another two people. He also allegedly shot another person, Ibolya said in a statement.

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The prosecutors questioned Hassan F. over 29 hours since his arrest in March, Ibolya said, adding that in the meantime ten other people including witnesses have also been questioned in Malta and Belgium.

An investigation with the involvement of Hungary’ counter-terrorism force TEK was under way in several EU member states, including in Malta, Belgium and Greece, Ibolya said. Cooperation among the countries’ law enforcement agencies has been coordinated by the Hungarian office of Eurojust, Ibolya said.