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Property Prices at Balaton Near Those in Budapest

Hungary Today 2019.06.18.

As summer is coming, real estate agency Duna House took a look at the prices of properties by the Hungarian Sea, and found that they are close to Budapest realty prices. What is more, Lake Velence doesn’t lag behind either significantly.

The average price for used properties is now around 400 thousand forints (Eur 1,261) per square meters, in certain places already exceeding even 500 thousand forints (Eur 1,577) per sqm.

In the case of Balatonfüred, the sqm price of used homes and holiday homes has grown by 20% in one year, averaging at 511,000 forints (Eur 1,611). This is even higher for newly constructed houses, as in the biggest settlement of the Northern Shore, the market for new homes is also thriving. Furthermore, newly-built waterfront properties often exceed one million forints (Eur 3,153) per sqm. Here the average selling price is 41.5 million forints (Eur 131,000), elsewhere circling around 20-25 million forints (Eur 63-79,000).

DH observed the biggest increase -about 50%- in Fonyód and Keszthely. While Fonyód, on the Southern shore, has an average of 350,000 forints (Eur 1,104), Keszthely prices are currently at an average of 317,000 forints (Eur 1,000), according to last year’s data.

Similar trends can be observed around Lake Velence, where prices saw an average rise of about 20% in one year. Gárdony takes the lead thanks to many new projects. In Velence and Kápolnásnyék the average is around 300-400,000 forints (Eur 946-1,261) per sqm. Selling price of properties is 22 million forints (Eur 69,400).

featured image via MTI/Sándor Szabó