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Prime Minister Signs Cooperation Agreement With Mayor Of Miskolc

Tamás Székely 2015.04.22.

Hungary’s Prime Minister promised major developments in the city of Miskolc, in north-east Hungary, after signing a cooperation agreement with Mayor Ákos Kriza under the arrangements of the Modern Cities scheme. The government is signing similar deals with all 23 cities of county rank. PM Viktor Orbán told a press conference in Miskolc that a motorway link will be built between Miskolc and Kassa (Košice, East Slovakia) This is planned to cost 150 billion forints (EUR 500m) and expected to be ready in 2018-2019, he added.  Around one million people live in the Miskolc-Kassa Euroregion and the motorway from Kassa to the Hungarian border is already completed, so Hungary is now starting the construction of the motorway linking Miskolc to the border, Viktor Orbán said.

Miskolc Mayor Ákos Kriza explained that the agreement between the Government and the council of Miskolc has five pillars. The actions highlighted include the following: reinforcing  the “Miskolc-Kassa economic axis” by constructing the Hungarian section of a motorway between the two cities; implementing the second development phase of the popular spa in Miskolctapolca; completing reconstruction of the legendary Diósgyőr Castle; establishing a new 1,000-hectare industrial zone; continuing the digital programme already launched; strengthening innovation; and expanding dual education. Ákos Kriza stressed that everything promised in last year’s elections is being realised in Miskolc and “today as well, we have committed ourselves to projects that we can definitely implement”.

Answering additional questions PM Viktor Orbán told journalists at the press conference held in Miskolc that a contested casino concession, won by the government’s film commissioner Andrew Vajna, was good for the budget, saying he wished all casino operators “huge profits so they can pay more taxes”. In reply to another journalists’ questions, Viktor Orbán also denied having any official ties with the controversial figure of Árpád Habony, who is reported to be an informal political advisor to the prime minister. He said such ties were governed by labour rules and should be outlined in appropriate agreements. PM Orbán said “there is no such contract currently nor will be in future.”

via and photo: Szilárd Koszticsák – MTI