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Prezi Co-Founder Opening Another School in Budapest

By Tom Szigeti // 2017.02.15.

According to Hungarian news site, Prezi co-founder Péter Halácsy is planning on opening a fourth school in Budapest this coming September in Óbuda.

In 2008, Péter Halácsy joined forces with fellow Hungarians Ádám Somlai-Fischer and Péter Árvai to create Prezi, a cloud-based presentation platform. Unlike traditional presentations, based on slides, it tells stories in a 3D space.

Founded in 2015, Halácsy’s “Budapest School” aims to rethink education in Hungary. Attended by children from grades 1 through 4, group’s first school opened last year. In addition to teaching spoken and written Hungarian, the schools teach both English and digital technology skills. One of the schools’ chief goals is grow children’s emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills. Classes are organized not by subject, but rather into thematic groups and projects.

Péter Halácsy, co-founder of Prezi and founder of Budapest School (Photo:

Péter Halácsy, co-founder of Prezi and founder of Budapest School (Photo:

While the newest Budapest school will have slots for 50 children, already 400 parents have registered with the school expressing their interest.

One of the school’s foundational principles is to allow not only upper-middle class children, but also those from less fortunate backgrounds attend. For this reason, the school offers scholarships to students coming from poorer families.

By Halácsy’s own admission, the Budapest schools are most certainly experimental in nature. However, as he points out that the current system is not a functional one. Regarding his program, Halácsy said that “while we do not know where our experimentation will lead, we are doing everything we can to ensure that it will be great.”


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