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Kossuth Prize: Hungary’s Most Prestigious State Awards Handed Out

Robert Velkey 2016.03.16.

The Kossuth Prize is the topmost acknowledgment by the Hungarian State for work in the field of Hungarian culture. Since 1948, the centenary of the Revolution 15th of March 1848 when the prize was founded for outstanding musicians, artists, poets, actors, the prize has been synonymous with the recognition of a lifetime of work for Hungarian artists.  The President of the Republic of Hungary hands over the prizes upon the Prime Minister’s recommendation since 1990. On the 15th of March 2016, President János Áder handed out plenty of the prizes thanks for the many transpiring Hungarian cultural successes of the year. Let us just to mention some of the prides of Hungarian culture in different fields. At the end of the page, you can read the whole list of them.



First and foremost, the creators of Hungary’s Oscar Prize-winning success movie Son of Saul were honoured with the recognition. László Nemes Jeles, its producer and filmmaker, was prized for his world success film about the topic of the Holocaust from a unique viewpoint and showing the personal life’s fragility in a tragedy. Awarded were also Géza Röhrig (Saul) for his acting work in the Son of Saul and Mátyás Erdély for his camera-works in the Oscar-winner movie.



A former musician of the world-famous Hungarian folk band; Muzsikás Band, Sándor Csoóri Jr., the Liszt Ferenc-prized folk musician, music teacher also got the Prize this year. He was highlighted for his valuable work on the field of teaching folk music and performing.



Miklós Benedek, the Jászai Mari Prize-winning actor had the opportunity to shake hands with János Áder also, for his unique style of acting and classical comedians work.



Ervin Nagy, the member of the Hungarian Academy of Arts, was master builder of Budapest. He was prized for his valuable work on that how he founded ways to reserve the Hungarian folk-architecting forms and motives in modern architectures.


The full list of artist winning the Kossuth Prize in 2016 can be seen below:


Ferenc Balázs alias “Balázs Fecó” – composer

Miklós Benedek – actor

Ilona Budai – folk singer

Sándor Csoóri Jr. – folk musician

Mátyás Erdély – cameraman

Ádám Farkas – sculptor

Dénes Gulyás – opera-singer

Anna Kiss – poet

Ildikó Komlósi – opera-singer

Sándor Lukács – actor

Iván Madarász – composer

Ervin Nagy – architect

László Nemes Jeles – filmmaker, producer

Géza Röhrig – writer, poet, actor

Simon Serfőző – poet, writer

Aurél Tillai – conductor, composer

Crescencia Zelenák – graphic designer