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Press Reports: Far-Right Plot To Assassinate Hungarian PM Orbán Must Be Taken Seriously

Ferenc Sullivan 2015.12.16.

Hungarian counter-terror police have captured two men who had been “seriously” plotting to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán at a recent event to commemorate the victims of Communism, press reports claim.

According to Népszabadság, a left-leaning daily, several important pieces of evidence seized from the two men who were apparently plotting to kill the Prime Minister confirm the earlier suggestion that the far-right pair, both of whom were well known to authorities, were planning a “serious” operation.


Nobody at the commemoration was aware of the serious threat faced by the Prime Minister (photo: Facebook)

It recalls that 60-year-old Budapest resident Péter M. and 62-year-old Gyula R., of Gödöllő, were stopped by Hungarian counter-terror police on 20 November in Budapest’s District XI. Police recorered two machine guns and silencers from their car, along with dozens of ammunition units. According to information obtained by Blikk, a tabloid newspaper, police believe that the two men, both members of the far-right group “Hungarian National Army” were planning to use the weapons the following day in a bid to assasinate Prime Minister Viktor Orbán at a Budapest event held in remembrance of the victims of Communism.


According to speculations, far-right extremists plotted to assasinate the Prime Minister in the yard of this Budapest school (photo: blikk.hu)

On 21 November, Mr. Orbán’s schedule included a visit to a primary school in Budapest’s District VI, where he delivered a speech. The building served as Soviet intelligence services’ jail between 1945 and 1948. According to reports, this is where the two men planned to assassinate the Prime Minister. Following the ceremony, a foot procession took place to the House of Terror Museum, which he did not take part in, apparently due to security concerns.

Both the Counter-Terrorism Centre (TEK) and the Prime Minister’s press office were unavailable for comment on the issue.

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