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Press Report: Asylum-Seeker Attempted To Rape Young Girl At Reception Centre Near Budapest

By Ferenc Sullivan // 2016.09.13.

Hungarian police have launched an investigation upon suspicion of sexual misconduct against an asylum-seeker housed in a migrant reception centre near  Budapest.

The foreign national, who was placed into pre-trial detention on Monday and was previously staying at a migrant reception centre in Bicske, Fejér county, is said to have molested a young girl, according to

The man, who is awaiting his asylum application to be processed, entered Hungary overland illegally in August, press reports suggest. According to, he migrant, who has been identified as a Turkish citizen approximately 40 years of age, attempted to rape a 12-year-old girl.

With regard to the ongoing investigation and the victim’s young age, both the court hearing the case and the county police directorate have declined to release further information concerning the case.

Just days ago, Hungarian police launched proceedings against a Somalian migrant accused of sexually abusing a woman and stealing from a hotel in Budapest.

photo: Márta Hegedűs/