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President of Election Committee Declines to Recount Votes in Any Constituencies

Ábrahám Vass 2018.04.25.

Even though National Election Committee (NVB) has received some 180 appeals and opposition parties insist that abuses did happen in a number of constituencies, NVB President András Patyi has announced that votes will not be recounted.

Patyi maintains that the elections occurred in a proper fashion, that they were transparent, and that rules were respected. He also argued that, in order to initiate a recount, appeals should be based on factual data, or at least on circumstances that involve a high probability of inpropriety. Furthermore, Patyi insists that the high number of appeals is due to the opposition’s reluctance to acknowledge the outcome.

In addition, in a controversial video posted to the Prime Minister’s Facebook channel, Orbán, amid jokes, questions András Patyi for fining him during the campaign, while the latter can be heard apologising for the levy, which was issued due to the Premier’s campaigning inside a school garden in violation of electoral laws. This video has, of course, raised concerns among the opposition, as some critics claim that the video proves that the Election Committee is no longer an impartial institution.

Previously, in its report, the OSCE found that, although voting was transparent and took place in an orderly fashion, electoral process and the ruling parties’ excessive resources undermined contestants’ ability to compete on an equal basis during the campaign ahead of April 8. The NGO’s main concerns were centered around biased media coverage, hostile and sometimes intimidating rhetoric, and opaque campaign financing, among other things. In addition, the ruling Fidesz-KDNP was criticized for changing the electoral system in 2010 and switching to a hybrid (in part first-past-the-post voting, in part proportional representation) electoral system, which has lead to the fact that although only 49% voted to Fidesz-KDNP, they obtained a two-thirds majority in the Parliament.


via 444.hu, 24.hu

image via Soós Lajos/ MTI