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President Áder Sends ‘We Have No Right to Destroy Nature’ Video Message to UN Biodiversity Summit

MTI-Hungary Today 2020.10.01.

Hungarian President János Áder has called for immediate action to preserve the Earth’s biodiversity, in a video message sent to the United Nations’ Biodiversity Summit held online on Wednesday.

In his message, Áder said that notwithstanding political decisions taken in the past aimed at stopping the deterioration in biodiversity, the situation today “is even more tragic” than ever before.

“We do not have the right to destroy sensitively balanced natural systems, which have developed over several millions of years. We have no right to destroy the life chances of our children and grandchildren. It is our moral imperative to change,” the president said.

Áder noted that biodiversity has been declining at an unprecedented pace for the first time since the wave of mass extinctions 65 million years ago, adding that it is also common knowledge that biological diversity is essential for sustainable development.

“We all know what is at stake is not only preserving our natural environment but also the future of the human species,” he said.

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Áder said that when it comes to the issue of biodiversity, the international media generally carried “graphic” stories about “emblematic” species, such as the white rhino, the snow leopard, the giant turtles, or orangutans that arouse the public’s emotions. The president pointed out, however, other less highlighted endangered species such as pollinating insects and fungi whose disappearance would cause great damage to the natural environment.

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