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Premier Kultcafé: Europe’s Largest Disability-Friendly Cultural Space Opens In Budapest

Ferenc Sullivan 2016.03.10.

A recently closed cinema in central Budapest is giving way to Europe’s first and largest disability-friendly community and cultural space.

Premier Kultcafé, located in the premises of what used to be the premises of the Vörösmarty cinema on Üllői út, just off Kálvin tér in central Budapest, opens today with a cinema, café, bakery and events hall all operated by employees living with disabilities. Initially, the 620 square metre venue, which is run by a foundation established by celebrated Hungarian actress Mari Törőcsik, will provide work to 8-10 people.


Television presenter Róbert Kárász with some of the café’s employees

The former cinema underwent a HUF 150 million revamp, which extending to the renovation of the 55-seat grand hall and a variety room to host concerts and other cultural events.


This delicious-looking sandwich is among the bites to eat featured on Premier Kultcafé’s menu

Premier Kultcafé was born to show that culture belongs to everyone and there are no obstacles by employing people with disabilities

– they wrote on their Facebook page.

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