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Pregnant Woman with Coronavirus Gives Birth at Semmelweis University

Fanni Kaszás 2020.06.23.

A pregnant woman infected with the novel coronavirus, gave birth to her baby last Thursday at the Semmelweis Hospital in Budapest. Although the baby was born prematurely and is still very tiny, luckily the virus is not present in the newborn. 

The child was born in the 31st week of pregnancy with a body weight of 1450 grams by cesarean section. The woman was transfered from another hospital in the capital to the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Semmelweis University due to symptoms suggesting the coronavirus disease, as well as with the risk of pre-term birth.

The mother was diagnosed with coronavirus by a PCR test at Semmelweis Hospital shortly before giving birth to the baby. The surgery was undisturbed and was performed according to hygienic rules that helped to minimize the risk of infection.

This is the first case in Hungary in which a cesarean section has been performed on a pregnant woman infected with COVID-19. The condition of both the mother and the baby is stable. Luckily, the result of the PCR test performed on the newborn after delivery was negative.

featured photo: Pixabay