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Pre-Fab Home Prices Continue to Rise

Hungary Today 2018.08.14.

The average per square meter price of pre-fabricated flats rose in every area in Hungary in July compared to the same month a year earlier, according to transactional data compiled by real estate broker Duna House.

In eastern Hungary, pre-fab home prices rose from 217,000 forints (EUR 669) per sqm to 267,000 forints. In western Hungary the rise was from 205,000 forints per sqm to 255,000 forints.

In nominal terms prices increased even more in the capital. On the Buda side of Budapest prices rose from 367,000 forints per sqm to 478,000 forints per sqm and on the Pest side from 331,000 forints per sqm to 416,000 forints per sqm.

As Housing Prices Begin to Stagnate, Budapest Property Owners Face Disappointment

For brick resale homes price rises were steep in Budapest, where the average price rose to 700,000 forints per sqm up from 552,000 forints on the Buda side, but in eastern Hungary the average price in the category was actually down at 305,000 forints per sqm from 308,000 forints from a year ago.



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