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Pope Francis to Hold Holy Mass in Csíksomlyó in 2019

Gábor Sarnyai 2019.01.14.

According to Magyar Idők, Pope Francis has accepted the Romanian President’s invitation and is scheduled to visit the Romanian capital. Aside from events in Bucharest and Moldavia, he will also visit a famous Hungarian pilgrimage in Csíksomlyó (Șumuleu) in Transylvania.

Pope Francis will travel to Romania for an Apostolic Visit that will take him to Bucharest, the eastern university city of Lași, Balázsfalva (Blaj) in Transylvania and the Marian Shrine of Csíksomlyó (Sumuleu Ciuc).

Francis will be the second pope to visit Romania, the first being John Paul II in 1999. John Paul II made a bit of history in the process, as this was the first time a pope had visited a predominantly Orthodox country since the Great Schism of 1054 (the break of communion between what are now the Catholic Church and Eastern Orthodox churches).

The main goal of the historically significant meeting was to conciliate the two Christian churches; therefore, the Pope accepted the Romanian Orthodox Church’s request and visited Bucharest, but didn’t meet with any Catholic communities in Transylvania or Moldavia.

The communication manager of the event in Csíksomlyó, Zoltán Oláh, informed the press that: “The Holy Father will celebrate Mass in Csíksomlyó on Saturday, June 1st. The mass is going to follow the traditions of Csíksmolyó; therefore, it will be held outdoors in the outskirts of the Csíksomlyó mountains.”

Hungarian authorities would like a Papal trip to Hungary

Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjén traveled to the Vatican last October. According to Mr. Semjén, he had an hour and a half long meeting with Secretary of State Pietro Parolin at the Holy See wherein they covered a myriad of important issues. They discussed church affairs, the issue of church schools and the fact that relations between the state and churches are exemplary.

The politician revealed that the meeting focused heavily on the 2020 international Eucharistic Congress and the preparations for the event. They also discussed the possibility of a papal visit to Hungary, he said. Semjén highlighted that the Hungarian Catholic Bishops’ Conference and the Hungarian government simultaneously invited the Pope—a message which was relayed by Head of State János Áder in 2013.

Via: Index.hu/Kormány.hu

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