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Smog Is In The Air – Red Alert For 16 Localities And Budapest

Robert Velkey 2017.01.23.

On the 23th of January, early in the morning the buildings of the Hungarian capital disappeared in the gray air. Other cities of Hungary such as Miskolc, Pécs, Nyíregyháza and Salgótarján also have air pollution problems. In the mentioned cities smog alert issued due to the high concentration of airborne dust particles.

The National Centre for Public Health has declared a red alert for 17 localities after concentrations of particulate matter (PM10) in the air exceed what is considered to be a safe level.

Salgótarján, 2017. január 21. Szmog Salgótarjánban 2017. január 21-én. A városban elrendelték a szmogriadó riasztási fokozatát, mert a légszennyezõ szálló por átlagkoncentrációja az ezt megelõzõ két napon meghaladta a küszöbértéket. MTI Fotó: Komka Péter

City of Salgótarján in the gray

In Budapest, the motoric traffic is under limitation and the police oversee the traffic during the smog alert. István Tarlós, recommends that the population to use public transport in favour of private cars if possible and avoid idling cars.

It is advised to not to open the windows and go out to the “fresh air” for those who has asthma, catarrh, or other kind of pulmonary diseases.


photos:; Péter Komka / MTI